Cover photo for the object HEPOLA 620-412-25-10 PUOLANGAN KK:ltä n. 26 km PALJAKASSA
Forest property (Property)

HEPOLA 620-412-25-10 PUOLANGAN KK:ltä n. 26 km PALJAKASSA


Object number: 240614667

Surface area

44.19 ha

Timber volume

2 610 m³

Offer no later than

30.6.2024 23:59

Price request

101 000 €

Leave an offer

Fill in the offer carefully. The seller reserves the right to accept or reject any offer.
Explore The terms of the offer procedure.

The asking price is 101 000 €, you can offer more or less.

You can only offer whole euros.

Please also note the following payments to the buyer

Varainsiirtovero 3 % kauppasummasta, kaupanvahvistuspalkkion osalta puolet 128eur/2= 64 eur(myyjä vastaa toisesta puolesta), lainhuudatuskulut 158 eur ja määräalakaupassa maanmittauslaitoksen hinnaston mukaiset lohkomiskulut.

According to the terms and conditions of the offer procedure, the offer must be valid for at least 7 days from the deadline for submitting the offer. You can leave the expiry date field blank, in which case the offer will be interpreted as valid until further notice. Terms and conditions of the offer procedure.
Note! Please review the time-wise unlimited tender procedure, if applicable.

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