Sell your forest property successfully

Sell your forest property successfully

There are over 20,000 potential buyers looking for the perfect property – we help you reach them. On this page, we have compiled the most important instructions for selling forest properties.

Seller’s checklist

  • Have an expert assess your property or plot.

  • Contact the Metsä broker in your property’s region, as they know the market the best.

  • The broker will go over the things related to selling together with you, ensuring a safe property sale.

  • Once the offers have arrived, you can decide who to sell to.

  • The broker will prepare the documents for the sale, the conclusion of the sale, the payment for the selling price, and they will help with questions related to taxes, for example.

  • You can turn to a Metsä broker and trust that your issue will be kept confidential, as our objective is to ensure safe property sales for both sellers and buyers.

Frequently asked questions

How the selling process progresses


Every sale is different, but usually this is how the selling process progresses:

  • Contact a Metsä broker

    When you contact a broker, you will be given information about the market situation, selling times and selling processes.

    Contact information
  • Commissioning agreement

    The selling process begins with drafting a commissioning agreement with the broker. Prepare to provide the necessary information and to prove your identity with, for example, an electronic signature.

  • Smooth paper work through cooperation

    The broker indicates which documents are needed from the seller and at which points of the process. The broker will also help obtain the documents. The broker obtains the abstract of the register of mortgages and the registration of ownership, the cadastral certificate, and the official map of the property. It is recommended to always have an appraisal document of the property made. The appraisal document includes things such as the numbers of trees at the forest property, the areas of the forests in different stages of development, and information about the soil’s nutrient status.

  • Marketing the property

    Upon request, you can review the sales brochure and marketing materials drafted by the broker before the marketing process is started. In the Metsä online service, exposure is guaranteed. In 2021, the site had 3.1 million visitors.

  • Accepting an offer

    After the bidding time has ended, the broker will inform you of the offers received.

  • Drafting a deed of sale and transferring the property

    You will either be given the deed of sale for review or an invitation to an electronic drafting service where you can give feedback on the draft of the deed of sale. The final trade practice shall be agreed together with the seller and buyer, and it can also be conducted fully electronically.

  • Paying the commission fee

    After the sale, you will be sent an invoice for a commission fee pursuant to the contract.

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