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Expert service in all matters related to property sales. More detailed pricing information available on the website of your local brokerage firm.

Property assessment
The brokers of Metsä will perform an assessment for forest properties to be sold together with forest planners. The forest assessment is made using a sum and value method, whereby the combined value of the trees, sapling stands and the ground is calculated and adjusted accounting for the costs. The assessed property can also hold buildings, building plots or shares to joint-owned areas, and the broker can perform an assessment for these as well. You can learn more about the price of the assessment from our broker.

Property sales
Our brokers act according to the commissioning agreement. The work is always guided by good brokerage practices, sector legislation and the instructions of the Metsä chain. The broker will interview the seller and investigate the property through the official documents. This is followed by an appropriate sales brochure, responding to sellers’ questions, showing the property and taking offers. Then, the matter will go up to the seller to decide, and the broker will prepare the deed of sale and any other required documents and agree on the specifics for the sales transaction.

Preparation of documents
In addition to documents pertaining to the objects for sale, the brokers of Metsä also prepare documentation for other purposes. It is possible to get deeds of gift, deeds of sale, registrations of ownership, deeds of estate distribution, terminations of joint ownership, letters of intent, among other things. If you need a professional to prepare quality documents for sales within your family, for example, feel free to contact the brokers of Metsä We also offer estate inventory services. Our brokers will be happy to provide more detailed information on the pricing.

Approval of the property sales transaction
Traditional sales transactions are sealed in the presence of a public purchase witness. The public purchase witness will verify the identities of both parties and make a notification on the transfer of property to the National Land Survey of Finland and can under certain circumstances procure a registration of ownership for the seller. The public purchase witness’ services are subject to a charge, which is EUR 120 in 2022. The parties can agree on the details of payment for the charge.

If the transaction is done through National Land Survey of Finland’s electronic real property sales channel, there is no need for a public purchase witness. The electronic system will handle the verification of the parties’ identities through the use of strong authentication. Through the service, the deed of sale is created and signed electronically. The price of the service is EUR 197, and there is no separate charge with regard to the registration of ownership.


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